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LunchBox for Dynamo

The first version of the LunchBox package is available!  The node list will be growing in the coming weeks leading up to AU 2013.   More information here:  LunchBox for Dynamo @ The Proving Ground Note:  If you were a fan of the XYZ Cells by Face package, those nodes will now be available through LunchBox.  The previous package is now retire

Let’s do some (more) Dynamo at AU

Were you unable to get a seat for the Thursday afternoon Dynamo class?  We added a lecture Thursday morning with essentially the same content, so bring your laptop with Dynamo installed and we'll drop some parametric knowledge! Thursday, Dec 5, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM AB2551 - Enhanced Parametric Design with Dynamo Visual Programming for Autodesk® Rev

Dynamo Autumn Workshop Recap

Hello Dynamo & Vasari Community, I have been running a series of workshops for Dynamo for a number of our clients and for Facades+. Check out this blog post to see what we've been doing with this tool! Visit The Proving Ground for the Dynamo Workshop Recap... -Nate

Dynamo Turtle Graphics and Lindenmayer Systems

Using the recursive capabilities of Custom Nodes, we can abstract the Dynamo Fractals work into a generic library that can create complex algorithmic recursive geometry.   Looks cool, I want to use these in Dynamo! Great, because I created a Turtle Graphics package that's available for download via the Dynamo Package Manager!   For an in-depth

Dynamo 0.6.1 update release

The next incremental release of Dynamo visual programming is out, with lots of fixes and shiny new tools. Undo/Redo now available:  yes, we know this has been a long time in coming and is a pretty basic thing. Visualization in canvas (available in Vasari only):  By default, whenever you make any kind of geometric entity, Dynamo will create p