Month: June 2019

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London Hackathon: Hackerwick

Whilst the vast majority of people in the industry are going for design automation from predetermined (given) coding, we at Heatherwick Studio are aiming to push this forward and achieve effectiveness to a maximum. That is to say, a range of basic options that results in a maximum output that we the users can determine and control, not the other wa

London Hackathon: Hackstreet Boys

Introduction It’s an exciting time for our industry. Whereas construction has typically lagged behind other industries in terms of technology, there is currently an amazing buzz all around computational design and BIM. Dynamo is one of the most successful and accessible programs for AEC professionals - but what exactly can you do with Dynamo?

London Hackathon: Binoculars

We are a group of complete strangers that came together for the UK Dynamo and Generative Design Hackathon and created a view extension for Dynamo that collects data from users and gives Design Practices greater business insight into the use of their computational workflows. We are the team from Binoculars (Deyan, Caoimhe, Laurence and Wayne),

Dynamo 2.0.3 Hotfix

Hello Dynamo Citizens, Today we're releasing Dynamo For Revit 2.0.3, a hot fix for those of you who are still using Revit versions 2017 - 2019. We wanted to fix some of the biggest issues with 2.0.2 so we've back ported some of the most critical fixes from Dynamo 2.1. This release includes: A fix to a nasty bug that crashed Dynam