Month: September 2015

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Dynamo Customizer Beta now available!

The Dynamo Customizer Beta is now available in daily builds!    This new tool allows you to publish Dynamo scripts to the web and allows others to interact with them via a  stripped down user interface consisting simply of allowable inputs. Any changes to inputs on the web are sent to a version of Dynamo running as a web service which calculat

Dynamo @ ACADIA 2015

This year's ACADIA Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio will feature three pre-conference workshops with stunning Dynamo content. We seriously can't overstate how cool each of them is. Be the first to use Dynamo for computational design with Autodesk Maya, learn from top-notch industry practitioners, or learn to use Dynamo for structural optimizati

Upcoming Computational Design and Dynamo Events in September

Hi all, Interested in learning more about Computational Design and Dynamo from industry leaders? There are a number of events coming up in September! Tuesday, September 22, 2015, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) This is a FREE webcast.  Hear the latest advances from our good friends Nate Miller of the Proving Ground an

More Dynamo Primer

The Dynamo Primer doubled in size today. We're announcing four new chapters on geometry, list management, code blocks, and Dynamo for Revit. We hope these will continue to serve as a valuable learning resource for beginners and long-time users alike. The primer will be a living document—we want it to change and grow with the software itse

Multilingual Dynamo

As mentioned in our recent 0.8.2 post, Dynamo has now been localized to twelve languages, the same languages supported by Revit. If you are using Dynamo for Revit, Dynamo will automatically match the Revit localization. (Unfortunately, Dynamo Studio is not localized at this time.) But, what if you want to use Dynamo standalone (aka Sandbox) in