Month: February 2015

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5..8 Tips and Tricks

Continuing a series of tips I wish everyone knew. In a previous post, find: [0] Hot Keys [1] Make Lists † [2] Access List Items [3] Node Options [4] Auto-complete † Explanation here for the strange name I've chosen for the post. [5] Make Strings [0]Use a String node… Easy! [1]Use "double quotes"

New tools in the Daily Builds: Library UI, Special Characters, and Custom Nodes

Dear Dynamo community. New toys for you in the Pre-Release builds of Dynamo! We are working towards a new stable release and have a lot of things for you to consider.  As usual, we are striving to build out new and improved functionality, while preserving the work and time you have already invested.  So, ahead of release, we would love it if y