Month: March 2020

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Parametric Principles in the Interior

Speaking of a parametric model, many of us imagine huge scale projects, incredible shapes, consisting of parametric or even kinetic facades, projects that many offices can only dream of. However, the more accessible and user-friendly the advanced design software is, the more it is possible to use these methods on much smaller and easier projects. P

Toronto Hackathon: Visual Diff

At the Dynamo and Generative Design Hackathon in Toronto, a multi-disciplinary team representing Arcadis were awarded second place for their Dynamo View Extension to visually compare the differences between two Dynamo Graphs. The team of Arcadians including Michael van Telgen, Robert Wood, and Laurence Elsdon set off for Toronto from the Netherl

TuneUp Extension: Explore your Node and Graph execution times

Tune up your Graph!   Have you ever created a graph that all of a sudden runs really slowly, but you don't know what part is causing the issue? Do you want to understand how long each single node takes to run? Do you want to see how long your entire graph took to execute? Then look no further as today marks the day we release TuneUp, our b