Month: June 2013

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Conceptualissimo! Vasari Beta 3 and Dynamo 0.5.0

More peanut butter for your chocolate! More Razzle for your Dazzle!Vasari Beta 3 just went live, allowing you to get at lots of improvements that went in to Revit 2014, ability to use it on Windows 8, and a license that is good till May 2014.  To celebrate, we are rolling out Dynamo 0.5.0.Here are some (not even all) of the new goodies since 1.5

Dynamo: Tessellation

A short tutorial on using the Delauny tessellation node in Dynamo Get involved with Dynamo here

Dynamo: Formulas

  A short explanation of using formulas in Dynamo and driving geometry in to Vasari Get the latest build of Dynamo here.

Dynamo 0.4.0

Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements in your new favorite visual programming language.  This is coupled with data management and more geometry.  Result?  Superstar computational badass Nathan Miller made a fully parametric Stadium Bowl! What? Yes! Get the latest build here