Month: July 2013

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More Dynamo Learning: Video Curriculum for Everyone

With the fantastic work of Case's Nathan Miller and Scott Overall, and the generosity of the Autodesk Education Group, we now have an efficient set of video tutorials to Learn Dynamo.  The videos have accompanying Dynamo and Revit files to gently guide educators, students, design professionals, mathematicians, and/or your Mom* through the first

Learning Dynamo: Programming for Non-Programmers Workshop

Just got back from RTC North America. A great time, fantastic people, lots of learning. Peter Boyer, Matt Jezyk, and I did a presentation on getting started with Dynamo, and I have posted the step by step instructional on the GitHub wiki. If you are just looking to get started, or have mastered the initial concepts, this pdf can help. Starting fr

Dynamo 0.5.2, daily Builds, RTC, and more

Updates!  Come and get 'emIt's been an exciting couple of weeks out here in Dynamo-land.  Lots of feedback from users on the GitHub issues site.  A good chunk of the team has also been heads down getting ready for the Revit Technology Conference in Vancouver this week, so look for some new updates to documentation and sample files when we recove