Month: September 2018

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Dynamo User Group of Philadelphia: Hacking the Howick

Join the Dynamo User Group of Philadelphia at KieranTimberlake on October 17th from 6-8pm to hear Scott Mitchell, a software engineer on Autodesk’s Dynamo team, tell the story of "Hacking the Howick" and talk about the future of making things with Dynamo.   The Howick machine at the Autodesk BUILD Space in Boston is a CNC steel-stud ro

SFU & Autodesk Workshop @ AAG in Chalmers Sweden – limited Seats available

If you are based in the Noridcs and wanting to Kickstart into Dynamo and Optimization join us for the SFU & Autodesk Dynamo Workshop at AAG2018 in Chalmers, Sweden Sept 22-23th -> only limited seats available Title: Design Optimization and Exploration A single parametric model generates an infinite numbe