Month: April 2013

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Dynamo WIP Update

Latest Build:  version 0.3.0, released 4/29/13  It's been a while since we updated our open source project Dynamo (visual programming for Vasari and Revit), but it is worth the wait!  Lots happening as we have gotten dedicated resources participating on the Work In Progress.  Much of the development has been getting the underbelly of the cod

Dynamo: free like beer, free like speech

Usually working for Autodesk can feel like being a secret agent . . . I could tell you what I'm working on, but then I'd have to kill you. But right now I'm helping build Dynamo, a visual programming language for Revit and Vasari, which is a very different creature than the proprietary software that we all know and love/hate:  it's free! Reade

Different functions in one building

Hi everyone, I'm designing a building with a gymnasium (with basketball court), a restaurant, a cafè, an exposition room and one auditorium. The using profiles will be very different for these ambients, so I guss how is possible (if is possible) to set different kind of ambients in Vasari to run the energy analysis, considering the differences in