Month: May 2014

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Dynamobotics @ 2014 AEC Hackathon

Dynamo made several appearances at this year's AEC Symposium and Hackathon in New York City, including one Hackathon project called "DynaRobo." A 5-member team—Dynamo's own principal engineer Ian Keough (whom we like to let outside at least a few times a year), Brian Ringley of NYCCTfab, Jeremy Luebker of NRI, Ronnie Parsons of Mode Lab, and me,

Sharing is Caring – Feeding the Package Manager

At some point last year, my Dynamo use evolved from occasional to hardcore. One of the reasons might have been the staggering development pace of the software since it was open-sourced to GitHub (or the fact that I was in desperate need of a BIM-savvy computation tool for my PhD thesis). What really got me hooked, though, was the package manager th

Q&A about Dynamo

Marcello Sgambelluri cornered Autodesk's Matt Jezyk and Zach Kron and grilled them with questions about the origins and direction for Dynamo.  We thought we'd share the thread.  Hear more on these subjects at Marcello's upcoming RTC talks and on his blog. Why was dynamo created? [matt] Ian Keough created it to smooth out building design w