Month: April 2015

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Dynamo 0.8.1 Now in Technicolor!

We move quickly here on the Dynamo team. Now that 8.0 has been out for a few days, we're going to start talking about pre-release 0.8.1 features!   In any of the daily builds after DynamoInstall0.8.1.20150416T0453.exe, we have made enhancements to the graphic visualization capabilities of Dynamo.  In addition to an improved base grid and coordi

Dynamo 0.8 Release

Dear Dynamo Fans, We have been heads down for a long time now, building the newest release. After many rounds of feedback from users on pre-release builds, we are very excited to get some long awaited functionality out. The list of new toys and capabilities is long and exciting, and there has also been a lot of behind-the-scenes reorganizing