Month: November 2017

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Love is in the … Dynamo?

"I think engagements are an opportunity to be really creative." -My fiancee So you've found the love of your life, and you're ready to pop the question, what now? Well, if they have issued the challenge above, then you better get creating! My girlfriend posed this challenge almost a year ago, and I'm happy to say, that with the help of Dynamo

Ten Commandments for Teaching Dynamo by a Former “Evangelist”

I taught a lot of Dynamo workshops when I was the "technical evangelist" for the Dynamo team. I've learned a lot about how to teach over the years by making mistakes, getting it right sometimes, and picking up ideas from other teachers more gifted or experienced than I am. If I ever had the opportunity to share Dynamo knowledge with you, Dear Reade