Month: January 2013

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Dynamo ArduMote – How to be a good listener in 5 easy steps

Recently we have been teaching Dynamo to be a more effective listener. Tom Vollaro had this great idea of driving Dynamo and Vasari parametric models via alternate user interfaces like iPads. We've been hacking with Arduinos and a WiFi connections recently and it turned out to be pretty easy to hook up an iPad app called ArduMote to Dynamo: I

Dynamo Ill Communication, Arduino Style

So we've been sort of on a roll with Dynamo since the holiday break. A few solid new developments this week, which is not bad considering none of us code Dynamo as our day job and we tend to hack on these things at night. A few blog posts need to be written about them.  One of the requests recently has been for enhanced Arduino functionality. If

Linear Algebra Test.

Remember 10th grade algebra where you learned about vectors and matrices? Remember memorizing the rules for matrix multiplication? You don't?! Well, that's good, because neither do I. I vaguely recall having these things presented to me whilst thinking "none of this matters, I'm going to art school." Like me, you might have pondered many years lat

Beware the Honey Badger

I added a couple of nodes this evening (available only in the source) that assist in the processing of image files. The image file reader node takes a file path as an input and some X and Y division values, returning an array of Color objects corresponding to the sample points in the image in X and Y. The color brightness node can then be used to d