Month: December 2014

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White Christmas with Dynamo

A big thanks to Colin who helped review this article and made it human readable! There are designers, and then there is everyone else. I am most definitely not a designer, but then again, Dynamo was not built for just designers—it was built for users and for uses that we knew we couldn't fully anticipate. Dynamo is an extremely flexible system

1st Annual Dynamo Hackathon

At this year's Autodesk University, four teams participated in the first annual Dynamo Hackathon, developing new tools, hacks, experiments, and workflows using Dynamo. We'd like your help choosing a winner. Please take a moment to look at this work and vote for your favorite.     Document Elements Location By Coordinates in Revit

AU2014 Design Computation Symposium Recording Online Now

If you attended the Design Computation Symposium  last week you were fortunate enough to see some of the most captivating speakers at at AU2014 conference. This year the entire session was recorded and is now available online. Check it out! Autodesk CEO Carl Bass kicked off the event speaking about his personal creative work and how that

0..4 Tips and Tricks

In honor of Autodesk University 2014 this week—with hundreds of people learning Dynamo in Las Vegas—I'd like to share some tips that will help you get more out of your Dynamo. Stay tuned for more in the series. [0] Hot Keys [0]Use F5 to Run the graph… I know. Epic. [1]Hold down ESC to navigate the background