Month: November 2013

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Dynamo 0.6.2 update release

Dynamo is getting bigger, stronger, and faster by the day.  Check out the 0.6.2 build here. As always we have a truckload of fixes and improvments, here are some: New Samples and updated documentation While we are very psyched to have some time with folks at AU to talk about design computation, we've also prepared some new documentation

More Dynamo Samples

Are you looking for more examples of how to wire stuff up in Dynamo?  There is a large collection of samples available on the Github repository that we use for testing the tools and making sure everything still works as we continue developing. This folder is divided up into core, pkgs, and Revit.T

LunchBox for Dynamo

The first version of the LunchBox package is available!  The node list will be growing in the coming weeks leading up to AU 2013.   More information here:  LunchBox for Dynamo @ The Proving Ground Note:  If you were a fan of the XYZ Cells by Face package, those nodes will now be available through LunchBox.  The previous package is now retire

Let’s do some (more) Dynamo at AU

Were you unable to get a seat for the Thursday afternoon Dynamo class?  We added a lecture Thursday morning with essentially the same content, so bring your laptop with Dynamo installed and we'll drop some parametric knowledge! Thursday, Dec 5, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM AB2551 - Enhanced Parametric Design with Dynamo Visual Programming for Autodesk® Rev