Month: February 2016

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DWG Import in Dynamo Studio 0.9.1

I work with very smart people on a daily basis. That's a given, because I work on the Dynamo team. Also as an added incentive of my job, when people do deliver cool stuff, I get to write about it. Like, last week, when we delivered Dynamo Studio 0.9.1 to the world. Release 0.9.1 is huge, literally. The installer size grew twice as big compared t

Dynamo 0.9.1 Release

  Hiya Dynamo Community! Been a little while since our last release, what with Autodesk University, vacations, New Years, and Valentines day. BUT, that is all behind us now, and we'd like to introduce you to a whole bushel of new tools and ideas. ┬áDynamo is breaking through into new areas of design with the ability to share workflows

What Does var[]..[] Mean?

Recently, Paul Aubin asked me a question, and it occurred to me that this is the perfect thing to explain in more depth to everyone. "What does var[]..[] mean?" My grandfather was a PhD Chemist at NASA, and his daughter, my mother, used to complain that he always over-explained: when asked what time it was, my grandpa would first explain how