Month: June 2020

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Dynamo 2.0.4 Hotfix

Hello Dynamo Citizens, Today we're releasing Dynamo For Revit 2.0.4, a hot fix for those of you who are still using Revit versions 2017 - 2019. We wanted to fix some of the biggest issues with the 2.0.3 release so we've back ported some of the most critical fixes from Dynamo versions 2.2 to 2.5. So what Hotfixes did you back port?  Us

Dynamo Graphics Updates

Hey Dynamo developers! It’s time to give an update on one of the cornerstones of our Dynamo 2.7 release. We are upgrading the rendering library used by Dynamo’s background 3D preview, named Helix, and there are a few things you should know.    Why upgrade?  For some years now, Dynamo has been shipping the older version 2015 of He