Month: November 2016

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Dynamo for Revit 1.2.1 bug fix update

Have you noticed a little green cloud in the upper right corner of your Dynamo for Revit?  We've released an update to 1.2! This is simply a bug fix for a late breaking critical bug, where Dynamo Player takes all of 1 processor when launched. You can upgrade simply by clicking on the green cloud and following the instructions, or downloading t

Project Fractal goes to Europe

Written by Anthony Hauck For the last 8 months, the Project Fractal team has been preparing for the European Revit Technology Conference (RTC) in Porto, Portugal, readying the class "Generative Design with Project Fractal" for which we signed up last year. At the time we proposed the class, truth be told, we had a lot more speculation than a worki

Fuzzy String Matching

Anyone who works regularly in Revit has seen just how unorganized naming conventions can get. Work sharing with a handful of people or a dozen people can lead to many different forms of abbreviation, capitalization, and numbering. For example on a recent project, the production team decided to add the level name to each view and sheet. Permutations

Dynamo Studio 2017.4 Update

We have some good news: Dynamo Studio subscribers are eligible and can now download and install Dynamo Studio 2017.4 Update from the Autodesk Desktop App! This update bundle will upgrade both Dynamo Studio 2017.3 application and the related Dynamo Core component that are already installed on your machine into the latest version. It is recommende