We have some good news: Dynamo Studio subscribers are eligible and can now download and install Dynamo Studio 2017.4 Update from the Autodesk Desktop App! This update bundle will upgrade both Dynamo Studio 2017.3 application and the related Dynamo Core component that are already installed on your machine into the latest version.

It is recommended for all Dynamo Studio users to get this update which includes various improvements and fixes for Dynamo Studio, as well as the latest features that are introduced in Dynamo 1.2 Release.
Most Autodesk softwares are now delivering single installers per year, with updates coming exclusively through the Autodesk Desktop App. You can access the App from the Notification Area on your desktop. If no update card as shown above appears, right click on the App icon and choose “Check now” and the update card should appear shortly.


FAQ on installing Dynamo Studio updates

Q:   I had previously uninstalled Dynamo Studio 2017.4 (version and then reinstalled Dynamo Studio 2017.3 (version on the same machine. Now I cannot reinstall Dynamo Studio 2017.4 Update from Autodesk Desktop App (ADA). It says that an update is available but it asks me to uninstall instead.

A:   This happens because your previous update bundle is still installed on your machine. You will need to uninstall the previous update bundle before reinstalling the same update bundle. Uninstalling Dynamo Studio will not automatically uninstall the update bundle.

If you have not attempted to uninstall the update bundle from ADA, you could manually do so by navigating to Control Panel > Programs > View installed updates and choose to uninstall Autodesk Dynamo Studio 2017.4 Update before proceeding to press the Update button on ADA.

If you had attempted to “uninstall” the update bundle from ADA and the update card had disappeared, please either restart your AdAppMgrSvc service using Task Manager or simply restart your computer to get the update card back.