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Dynamo Studio Security Updates

Hi Dynamo community:   Some updates about Dynamo Studio and network security: To align with industry best practices for security and data integrity, Autodesk Identity Services will move to Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 and stop supporting TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 on June 15, 2019. The Dynamo PackageManager will follow suit, and als


When starting a new project, the first thing to look for is usually a fair representation of the project's environment. There are many ways to do so already but they all require using external sources and export/import of information before you have them in your authoring tool. The late (RIP) offered  a "site extractor" tool that offered a

DynaLightning at Autodesk University 2019

Preparation for Autodesk University 2019 in Las Vegas is already underway! This year, the Dynamo team has decided to switch up our usual AU schedule a little bit. The annual user forum and after-party will be combined into one big event that is centered around the amazing work done by users in the Dynamo community. The event will take place Wedn

London Hackathon: Stealthy Roofscapes

This project originated at the UK Dynamo User Group’s Dynamo + Generative Design Hackathon 2019 held in London. Our team (Bogdan, Wiktor and Thomas) had not previously met and after exchanging a few ideas we decided to work on an idea we called “Stealthy Roofscapes”. Problem Space for development in cities like London is limited and there i

Dynamo Core 2.1 Release

Hello World of Dynamo! Today marks the release of Dynamo Core 2.1 and a changing of the landscape around how Core is both delivered and used. TL:DR Library search improvements (accuracy and speed), IronPython install changes and Dictionary interoperability, package node migration for Dynamo 2.0+ graphs, bug fix to library UI start-up crash

AEC Excellence Awards 2019 Call for Entries Now Open

Now in its eighth year, the AEC Excellence Awards competition—co-sponsored by Autodesk, Construction Dive, SmartCities Dive, and Informed Infrastructure —is an incredible way to honor the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry and the ingenuity of the professionals who are stretching the limits of what is possible in AEC. 

Project Refinery updates!

We are continuing to develop Project Refinery, a beta tool for optioneering and optimization of Dynamo graphs. Join the beta here. This release brings great enhancements around filtering in both the parallel coordinates and scatter plot views. Filtering allows you to explore options created in a study much more easily by focusing in on certain

A new way to get Dynamo Sandbox

  Hello World of Dynamo! This blog post discusses Dynamo Sandbox and the new ways we are distributing it. Sandbox is a simplified Dynamo development environment, and has been around for a while, although many folks don't know about it. Before we go into what Dynamo Sandbox is, we need to understand what a few other terms mean

Planned Package Manager Update and Downtime March 21st

Hi Dynamoans, We are planning to update the Package Manager infrastructure on Thursday, March 21st at 6pm Eastern Daylight Time, anticipating as much as 2 hours of downtime, but the interruption will likely be much shorter. During this time users will not be able to upload, download, or search packages in Dynamo, or access the web site. Visible

London Dynamo + Generative Design Hackathon

  Hello Dynamites! We have some exciting news! Have you ever wanted to extend Dynamo to solve new and interesting problems? Are you interested in Generative Design workflows? Have you always wanted to use Dynamo to create and evaluate more design options? Our team wants to empower you to generate more design options, create better to

Dynamo Pavilion at Autodesk University 2018

If you made it to this year's Autodesk University, you may have seen the latest in a series of digitally-fabricated pavilions from Autodesk's AEC Generative Design Team.     Designed by Autodesk and pre-fabricated by BLOX, the Dynamo Ribbon was a research project that allowed the team to develop new workflows that integrate d

Package Manager Policy Updates

We have updated our policy on Package Manager deletion/transfer of ownership requests. If you want to delete your package, please visit the Dynamo FAQs for more details.

Autodesk Dynamo Studio’s “Customizer” functionality is Discontinued

Autodesk Dynamo Studio's "Send to Web", "Manage Web Workspaces", and Customizer functionality will be discontinued in 2019. The team at Autodesk is making changes to simplify our portfolio and workflows for people who make Dynamo scripts. As a result, we will be consolidating some of our web services that use Dynamo functionality. Please note,

So many Dynamo Updates! New Dynamo Core and Dictionary 2.0

Hurray for Mondays! We have a bunch of updates available today: two versions of Dynamo Core and the Dynamo Dictionary all have gotten a small refresh. Core Updates Two new patch versions of Dynamo Core will be available today as stable builds on Dynamo Core 1.3.4 and Dynamo Core 2.0.2. These releases are mainly centered around t

Introducing Project Refinery

We have learned a great deal from Project Fractal. Initially released in July 2016, there are over 3500 people who have tried their hand at coding their design logic in Dynamo and automating design option creation with Fractal.  Today we are announcing that Project Fractal has evolved into a new beta project called Project Refinery.  Proje

Dynamo User Group of Philadelphia: Hacking the Howick

Join the Dynamo User Group of Philadelphia at KieranTimberlake on October 17th from 6-8pm to hear Scott Mitchell, a software engineer on Autodesk’s Dynamo team, tell the story of "Hacking the Howick" and talk about the future of making things with Dynamo.   The Howick machine at the Autodesk BUILD Space in Boston is a CNC steel-stud ro

SFU & Autodesk Workshop @ AAG in Chalmers Sweden – limited Seats available

If you are based in the Noridcs and wanting to Kickstart into Dynamo and Optimization join us for the SFU & Autodesk Dynamo Workshop at AAG2018 in Chalmers, Sweden Sept 22-23th -> only limited seats available Title: Design Optimization and Exploration A single parametric model generates an infinite numbe

Extensions now supported in Dynamo 2.0 Package Manager

At the beginning of the year, we held the Dynamo Extensions Workshop in London. Since then many of you have been hard at work testing out this powerful development tool that allows developers to change the entire Dynamo environment. From searching the canvas for placed nodes to adding physics simulation, the community has been having a blast extend

AU 2018: More Presentation Opportunities!

From the flurry of tweets, many of you just submitted your proposals for AU 2018 Las Vegas! And, we are happy to announce that now you have a few more opportunities to contribute to the festivities this year. As some of you may know, every year the Dynamo team hosts a series of pre-conference workshops and a forum the day before AU starts. These

AU London 2018: Computational BIM Workshop

Did you miss Autodesk University Las Vegas 2017 last year and the pre-conference Computational BIM workshops? Was it perhaps too far to travel across the vast Atlantic ocean? Timing just didn't work? Well never fear, the UK Dynamo User Group (UKDynUG), in conjunction with and Innovating Futures, are putting on a redux version: If yo

Hurray for Hotfixes: Revit 2019.0.1 and Dynamo 2.0.1 Released

A regular part of the spring season is the arrival of software hotfixes.  Following the thunderous arrival of major releases, there is always the slightly quieter appearance of fixes to bugs found late in the development process.  We are happy to announce 2 very different hotfix releases, each with a big impact on the Dynamo community. Revit 201

New Dynamo Developer Resources and Updating Packages for Dynamo 2.0

Dynamo Developer Resources We are happy to announce a new resource for Dynamo developers that will help you extend Dynamo. This guide will show you all in one document how to build Dynamo from source, develop your own nodes/packages/extensions, test your work, and how to contribute to Dynamo Core. The new Dynamo Developer Resources can be found at

Extensions Workshop Materials Now Available!

A few months ago, we held a Dynamo Extensions workshop in London at Grimshaw Architects which was attended by over 20 customers who all had an interest in extending Dynamo beyond its out of the box capabilities. During the workshop, the Dynamo team taught extension basics and worked with the attendees to help them build their first ever Dynamo exte

Working with Dynamo in Revit 2016 and Revit 2019 Simultaneously

As you may know, we recently released both Dynamo Core 2.0 and Dynamo Core 1.3.3 with Revit 2019. But, as with anything new, progress has its tradeoffs. In order to continue improving and working towards supporting more capabilities that could potentially make your work more efficient and optimized, we had to make the hard decision of letting somet

To Dynamo 2.0 and Beyond

Today is the day! After a long wait, the much anticipated Dynamo 2.0 is finally here. Dynamo 2.0 is a special and significant release for our team as it is a "major" release, but more importantly because it contains features and changes that will make desktop to web workflows possible in the future. What's so special about a "major" release?

Dynamo 1.3.3 in Revit 2019.0

Hi Dynamites! Revit 2019.0 has officially been released, and it is shipping with Dynamo 1.3.3. Dynamo 1.3.3 is also available on as the latest stable release. No significant changes here. Some people like to control their installation process so we are making it available on our site. Two caveats: Dynamo 1.3.3 is built