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DynaZOOM @ AU2020

Autodesk University 2020 is VERY different this year.  It's FREE for one thing and of course, completely virtual.  We miss YOU Dynamo Community!  Come join us tomorrow, Thursday Nov 19 at 1:30 pm Eastern for "DynaZoom" our computational design meetup.  There will be TRIVIA and PRIZES and best of all PEOPLE to talk to.  Our past parties hav

Dynamo Core 2.9 Release

Hello world of Dynamo, Amid the falling leaves and drop in temperature of late fall in New England, we welcome to the world the fresh, warm, and new Dynamo Core 2.9 release! This release continues our steady improvement of performance, expansion of geometry tools, as well as introduces an experimental feature for feedback.     TL:DR

COVID Office Occupancy: Single-Objective Optimization

Planning for Social Distancing As we've learned more about the COVID-19 virus and as public health guidelines evolve, we looked for ways that computational methods can help designers plan for safer spaces. In this post, part 1, we'll look at how Dynamo can work with Revit to help determine office or school occupancy plans that comply with social d

Dynamo Core 2.8 Release

Hello folks, As we welcome in the off-seasons, we also welcome to the world the Dynamo Core 2.8 release! This release has a major focus upon rounding out the bulk of the Python 3 work, but also contains some awesome geometry improvements.   TL:DR A slew of new features to improve and streamline the Python 3 experience, including better

Dynamo Now Targets .NET 4.8

Dynamo targets .NET framework 4.8 starting with version 2.7. DynamoCore public NuGet package paths have been updated to .Net 4.8. Third-party developers, package, and extension authors targeting a lower .NET framework will need to upgrade their projects to .NET 4.8 in order to start referencing DynamoCore 2.7.0 and higher NuGets.