Month: April 2017

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Are you installing Revit-2018?

Revit and Dynamo have independent development cycles, and Dynamo’s smaller codebase and functionality allows for faster changes and more rapid delivery.  This means that sometimes there are public releases of Dynamo that are more recent than the versions that ship with Revit or other products.  Dynamo installers will not replace a newer version

How to Control 9,298,091,736 Design Options in Project Fractal

Has this ever happened to you?  You make a Dynamo graph, save it to the web and look at it on Fractal, but generating options seems to never finish.  This could be because you’re trying to create 9,298,091,736 designs! We’ve now added some controls to help with this problem right in the Fractal interface. There is a new column of checkboxes

Think Big: Geometry with Lots of Zeros

Are you making buildings in millimeters?  Tired of seeing your Revit geometry fail once it is brought into Dynamo? Surprised at seeing that intersection point missing or failing to find that projection curve while working on a large landscape? Guess what, we have good news! In Dynamo 1.3 you can now create geometry and perform geometric operations

Dynamo 1.3 Release

Hello Dynamo fans It's been a bit longer than usual, but we're happy to announce the latest release of Dynamo.  There's a longish list of what's new in this incremental release, so grab a cup coffee and settle in for a read.   Dynamo Core Functionality Geometry Working Range For folks who have had trouble with geometric operati