Has this ever happened to you?  You make a Dynamo graph, save it to the web and look at it on Fractal, but generating options seems to never finish.  This could be because you’re trying to create 9,298,091,736 designs! We’ve now added some controls to help with this problem right in the Fractal interface. There is a new column of checkboxes and an input incrementer that you can use to control which inputs you want to vary and by how much.  The default setting is to vary each slider set to “Is Input” on save to web from Dynamo with 3 default variations and each boolean with 2. The algorithm creates the cross product of all of these inputs.  So if you have 19 sliders and 3 booleans like we have in this example that means 3^19* 2^3 = 9,298,091,736 designs!  We’ve also added a design calculator so that you don’t have to do this math and can see it up front before you hit Generate!  So to focus on the designs I think I want, I first need to think about the parameters I really want to vary.  For example, if I want to focus my study on Window to Wall Ratio, I can turn off all of the inputs that don’t have to do with WWR or Shading Percentage.  This leaves only 5 inputs and 3^5=243. Much more reasonable! Especially for a graph like this that takes a while to compute.  If I want to get a few more options for WWR I can up the number of variations to 4 which will give met 4^4*3=768 designs.  Check out these new tools and let us know your thoughts!