By: Lilli Smith

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Introducing Project Refinery

We have learned a great deal from Project Fractal. Initially released in July 2016, there are over 3500 people who have tried their hand at coding their design logic in Dynamo and automating design option creation with Fractal.  Today we are announcing that Project Fractal has evolved into a new beta project called Project Refinery.  Proje

AU2017: Computational Design in Practice

This year, the Dynamo Workshops at Autodesk University 2017 also included a closing session entitled “Computational Design in Practice”.    After the workshop content, all of the workshop participants came together in one room for a closing session.  We featured 5 inspiring computational design leaders will told exciting stories about

How to Control 9,298,091,736 Design Options in Project Fractal

Has this ever happened to you?  You make a Dynamo graph, save it to the web and look at it on Fractal, but generating options seems to never finish.  This could be because you’re trying to create 9,298,091,736 designs! We’ve now added some controls to help with this problem right in the Fractal interface. There is a new column of checkboxes

Facade Design with Energy Analysis in Project Fractal

One of the examples the Fractal team has shown is the facade energy analysis video, where we have one output of the Dynamo graph predicting the energy use of the building by evaluating factors such as building orientation (an assumption is made), window-to-wall ratio, and the surface area of shading devices: We arrived at these factors by su

Project Fractal goes to Europe

Written by Anthony Hauck For the last 8 months, the Project Fractal team has been preparing for the European Revit Technology Conference (RTC) in Porto, Portugal, readying the class "Generative Design with Project Fractal" for which we signed up last year. At the time we proposed the class, truth be told, we had a lot more speculation than a worki