Hello Dynamo Citizens,

Today we’re releasing Dynamo For Revit 2.0.4, a hot fix for those of you who are still using Revit versions 2017 – 2019. We wanted to fix some of the biggest issues with the 2.0.3 release so we’ve back ported some of the most critical fixes from Dynamo versions 2.2 to 2.5.

So what Hotfixes did you back port? 

User Enhancements

  • We have made a significant performance improvement (In many orders of magnitude!) to Dynamo4Revit when using a graph with large node counts that makes changes to the Revit Document. We’re talking about a run duration difference in a sample graph of 456 nodes going from 23 seconds to ~20 milliseconds! Absolutely awesome change and a huge shoutout to Craig Long on the Refinery team for implementation of this.


  • We have also updated our UI for Analytics collection tick-boxes to make them clearer and better respect users choices. Now, Instrumentation is subservient to Analytics and cannot be turned on without also agreeing to send analytics information. This also cleans up our Settings dropdown menu by removing one of the tick-box items.

    New versus old Analytics and Instrumentation settings

Bug Fixes

  • Various memory leak improvements that correctly disposes a whole range of ViewModels and addresses binding leaks.
  • Fixed a crash when entering a syntax error into a code block inside a custom node
  • KeepListStructure now works reliably when set on a node using the right-click menu.

Where can I get Dynamo 2.0.4?

Dynamo 2.0.4 is available right now through the dynamobuilds.com website or the Github build page. Simply download the installer and run to update your Dynamo version inside of Revit to get all these goodies!


Please also feel free to read our ‘Release Notes’

For more information on Dynamo 2.0.4, go check out our release notes.

A big shout-out to everyone who contributed to the release and the entire Dynamo community for continuing to support our work. As always, please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions!


The Dynamo Team