If you attended the Design Computation Symposium  last week you were fortunate enough to see some of the most captivating speakers at at AU2014 conference. This year the entire session was recorded and is now available online. Check it out!


Autodesk CEO Carl Bass kicked off the event speaking about his personal creative work and how that intersects with digital fabrication. David Benjamin explained the design and fabrication process behind the Hy-Fi installation at New York MoMa PS1 and then Janet Echelman went in depth into the design process her studio uses to make amazing hanging net sculptures.  After a short break Andy Payne blew our minds with his work from the Harvard GSD on multi-material 3d printing and a new application he and other GSD colleagues are creating called Monolith, a new voxel-based 3d design and fabrication tool. Sigrid Brell-Cocken amazed us with the work she is doing at Robots In Architecture, maybe we call her the “robot whisperer’ now!. And then, of course, to bring the event home we were very pleased to have Mark Burry give us the definitive history of Design Computation, geometry and fabrication techniques, all wrapped up in his amazing work on Gaudi’s Sagrada Família.     I would like to thank our list of speakers once again and invite you to watch the recording online.

Session 1: 08:00 am – 09:30 am
Craftsmanship and Digital Fabrication  Carl Bass
Hy-Fi   David Benjamin
Reshaping Urban Airspace   Janet Echelman
Session 2: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Designing a New Materialism   Andy Payne
Unlocking Robotic Design   Sigrid Brell-Cokcan
Craft, digital fabrication, and digital assembly   Mark Burry

More information on the speakers: http://dynamobim.com/great-speakers-at-the-au-design-computation-symposium-2014/