Dear Dynamo community.

New toys for you in the Pre-Release builds of Dynamo! We are working towards a new stable release and have a lot of things for you to consider.  As usual, we are striving to build out new and improved functionality, while preserving the work and time you have already invested.  So, ahead of release, we would love it if you would come and take a look and give us your honest feedback on a number of changes, available in DynamoInstall0.7.6.20150209T0856.exe and later builds.  Please add comments over on the forum.  And  remember that these are Pre-Release builds, so wear your hardhat.

New Library UI:

The development builds now have a more visually oriented aspect. Icons and enhanced tooltips that we hope will make finding and choosing functions easier and more enjoyable.

Unicode or “Special Character” support:

Users with Æ, and ¥, and even え or 㐦 in their Revit parameters and code blocks should be able to work without difficulty.  Check out these pages for details

Default inputs, tooltips, and lacing over custom nodes:

Special syntax available on input nodes inside of custom nodes allow users to specify the expected data coming in. This opens up a LOT of capabilities with customs nodes, perhaps the biggest thing being automatic lacing, but general usability will be much better.  Existing nodes are unaffected, and users will need to add the special syntax to either new or old nodes.  Check out this page for details

There are still bugs in the functionality (remember that these are Pre-Release builds) and this is why we are asking for your help.  Having more exposure sooner allows us to course correct and squash bugs faster.

Thanks for being awesome.