Summer is coming to an end (in the northern hemisphere), but have no fear! We have been working hard all summer to help you get Fall off to a great start. We just released 0.8.2, and we just reached 100,000 Dynamo package downloads! We are proud to announce some exciting new features that will certainly make it faster and easier for you to create sophisticated workflows.

Node and Package Paths

Tired of reimporting packages and nodes? You can now define multiple paths so that nodes and packages will automatically show up in the Library. This even works over shared network folders, so feel free to share your custom nodes and packages with your work friends and make collaboration that much easier. Customize your paths under Settings.



Ever find yourself thinking, “Man, I really wish I could save the state of my input nodes?” Well, stop thinking and just do it. With 0.8.2, we are introducing Presets, which are a great way for you to track the state of your input nodes. Want to play around with different design options? Now you can, just select one or more input nodes and visit Edit > Presets.



“DesignScript is so cool, but I don’t know how to use it : ( ” Node2Code allows you to convert a set of nodes into DesignScript. Didn’t think it could be that easy, did you?


In-Canvas Search

That was so fast!”. Searching for nodes has never been this easy. Just right-click to bring up the new In-Canvas Search feature and access nodes without ever having to leave the canvas. It has all the great features of Library search like node description tooltips.


Color on Surfaces

Want to map data across a surface using color? Think solar analysis or energy analysis results! Or if you are like us, pretty pictures… Find the Display.BySurfaceColors node.


Additional Updates and Improvements

  • Localization to twelve languages
  • Publish a package locally from Dynamo for Revit
  • Four new chapters have been added to the Dynamo Primer
  • New and updated Nuget packages for developers
  • New Command Line Interface for evaluating non-Revit Dynamo graphs

Final Stable Release with Revit 2014 Support

Version 0.8.2 will be the final stable release that includes support for Revit 2014. Future builds will include support for Revit 2015 and Revit 2016 along with support for the next version of Revit when available.

And of course, there are many bug fixes and performance improvements in the 0.8.2 release. Tell us how it all looks on our community forum.