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Dynamo 0.6.1 update release

The next incremental release of Dynamo visual programming is out, with lots of fixes and shiny new tools. Undo/Redo now available:  yes, we know this has been a long time in coming and is a pretty basic thing. Visualization in canvas (available in Vasari only):  By default, whenever you make any kind of geometric entity, Dynamo will create p

Data from Others

Yes.  It turns out that there are people who use tools other than Revit and Vasari to make their stuff. Crazy, I know!  But it's true. Regardless, we in the Dynamo anarcho-syndicalist commune are less interested in your platform and more interested in your DATA.  We love your data, we want to be close to it, reference it, parse it, and conver

Surface Remixer by Andreas Deickmann

The Dynamo team is pleased to welcome AndreasDieckmann for this guest post.  I met Andreas in Spring of 2012 at the WoodStEx Autodesk European Student Experts conference in Spain.  This meeting was a exhausting and jittery time (the conference was sponsored by Redbull) and I had a pretty solid case of jetlag.  A handful of people also got food

XYZ Cells by Face

I have created two custom nodes for creating XYZ cell grids on a surface face. XYZ Triangle Grid by Face XYZ Quadrangular Grid by Face These are available as a Dynamo package.  More to come... :) -Nate

Dynamo: Sequences and Ranges

Usually when a person is making stuff in Dynamo, they aren't making just one or 2 things.  More often than not, you are actually making a ton of stuff, series or related ranges of items.  This can require inputting lists of numbers to position and arrange your stuff. Some standard nodes exist for this, namely Number Range and Number Sequence Bu