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Rendering As a Service and Daylighting Optimization with Dynamo

Hi, I'm Michael Kirschner, I'll be interning at Autodesk's Conceptual Design Group for the month of January.  Specifically I will be working with Dynamo, a visual programming language(more info here) within the Revit context.  I'm going to be posting different projects to this blog as I work throughout the month. My primary project while at Auto

Dynamo: Writing data to text files

There's been some recent discussion about how to write geometric data out to external data sources.  Here is the most basic on both ends:  xyz coordinates written to a .txt file. Of course, you may want to do some fine tuning of this kind of thing.  Here is a version that cleans up the data, reducing significant digits and other formating.

Dynamo Webinar, 2 parts, European time

Andrzej Samsonowicz, Autodesk Applications Engineer, is presenting a 2 part Dynamo webinar, free and open to the public.  Register now, as there are a limited number of seats (and PLEASE only register if you think you are really going to make it!) Dynamo on Revit. The super addin. Part I. General overview. Join us for a Webinar on January


what is dynamo and i am beginner to dynamo how should i start...

NCalc and Dynamo’s Formula node

You WILL love the formula node in Dynamo.  Resistance is useless.The Formula node is a beautiful thing.  Once you get the hang of how it works, it will replace a number of other nodes.  Lots of folks think that you use it for doing fancy calculations with fancy names like "logarithm" or "law curve", but it's got all sorts of other banal uses.