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Project Refinery updates!

We are continuing to develop Project Refinery, a beta tool for optioneering and optimization of Dynamo graphs. Join the beta here. This release brings great enhancements around filtering in both the parallel coordinates and scatter plot views. Filtering allows you to explore options created in a study much more easily by focusing in on certain

A new way to get Dynamo Sandbox

  Hello World of Dynamo! This blog post discusses Dynamo Sandbox and the new ways we are distributing it. Sandbox is a simplified Dynamo development environment, and has been around for a while, although many folks don't know about it. Before we go into what Dynamo Sandbox is, we need to understand what a few other terms mean

Planned Package Manager Update and Downtime March 21st

Hi Dynamoans, We are planning to update the Package Manager infrastructure on Thursday, March 21st at 6pm Eastern Daylight Time, anticipating as much as 2 hours of downtime, but the interruption will likely be much shorter. During this time users will not be able to upload, download, or search packages in Dynamo, or access the web site. Visible

London Dynamo + Generative Design Hackathon

  Hello Dynamites! We have some exciting news! Have you ever wanted to extend Dynamo to solve new and interesting problems? Are you interested in Generative Design workflows? Have you always wanted to use Dynamo to create and evaluate more design options? Our team wants to empower you to generate more design options, create better to

Dynamo Pavilion at Autodesk University 2018

If you made it to this year's Autodesk University, you may have seen the latest in a series of digitally-fabricated pavilions from Autodesk's AEC Generative Design Team.     Designed by Autodesk and pre-fabricated by BLOX, the Dynamo Ribbon was a research project that allowed the team to develop new workflows that integrate d