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CRTKL Scriptathon

At CallisonRTKL we are excited by the impact VR, Automation and Generative Design is having in our Industry. We believe these tools will enhance our ability to address the challenge of envisioning the places of tomorrow in a constantly changing environment. Using automated processes, designers can produce more design options, faster and with quanti

Toronto Dynamo + Generative Design Hackathon

Come join the Dynamo and Refinery teams for our second-ever international hackathon in Toronto! Apply today! Deadline is June 21st. Have you ever wanted to extend Dynamo to solve new and interesting problems? Are you interested in Generative Design workflows? Have you always wanted to use Dynamo to create and evaluate more design options? Eve

Dynamo Core 2.2 Release

Kia ora people, The Dynamo 2.2 release is a smaller release, which targeted some interoperability fixes for other platforms that host Dynamo, but still contains a few fun features of note, bug fixes and user enhancements!   New Features Dynamo will now save the Render Precision preference between sessions, have a more appropriate Image

London Hackathon: Hackerwick

Whilst the vast majority of people in the industry are going for design automation from predetermined (given) coding, we at Heatherwick Studio are aiming to push this forward and achieve effectiveness to a maximum. That is to say, a range of basic options that results in a maximum output that we the users can determine and control, not the other wa