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Dynamo Graphics Updates

Hey Dynamo developers! It’s time to give an update on one of the cornerstones of our Dynamo 2.7 release. We are upgrading the rendering library used by Dynamo’s background 3D preview, named Helix, and there are a few things you should know.    Why upgrade?  For some years now, Dynamo has been shipping the older version 2015 of He

Exploring Structural Design Options Using Generative Design

We are thrilled to present guest author Michael van Telgen , design automation specialist and structural engineer with Arcadis, who has been doing a lot of work with Dynamo and Refinery. Note that this work was done in the Project Refinery beta which has since graduated to Generative Design in Revit 2021.    Exploring Structural Design Op

Dynamo Core 2.6 Release

Hello Dynamo people, After a couple of months of development time (from home mostly; shout-out to Zoom), today we ship the Dynamo Core 2.6 release! This release is a release focused on customer empowerment, bringing visual clarity to the workspace and surfacing the 30 most common error messages in product with in-depth help and yet more epic per

Dynamo Primer: Additional Languages

Hello world of international Dynamo Users, Do you have colleagues, industry peers or friends who want to get into Dynamo but lack a deep knowledge of the English language that would facilitate them learning the technical aspects of Dynamo? Would they be more comfortable exploring the use of Dynamo in their own language? Then today may be that da

Refinery Toolkit

Over the last few months, Autodesk and matterlab have been working in collaboration to develop a collection of nodes that can be used as "lego-blocks" to help users define their own workflows. Each node provides key functionality to enable generative workflows that will help augment current design processes. These tools are now readily available to