By: Michael Kirschner

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New Dynamo Developer Resources and Updating Packages for Dynamo 2.0

Dynamo Developer Resources We are happy to announce a new resource for Dynamo developers that will help you extend Dynamo. This guide will show you all in one document how to build Dynamo from source, develop your own nodes/packages/extensions, test your work, and how to contribute to Dynamo Core. The new Dynamo Developer Resources can be found at

Dynamo and IronPython

The Dynamo team recently became aware of some reports that python in Rhino 6 was not functioning on some machines with Dynamo installed. We've added some information to the Dynamo FAQ wiki entry, and would like to share it here as well in case you run into a similar problem. Q: How do I get Dynamo's Python functionality to work again, and use o

Dynamo Robots

Dynamo Robotics The Dynamo team has been exploring integrations of Dynamo with different design tools. One of these design areas is manufacturing and robotic control. We've been looking at connecting Dynamo to PowerMill and PowerMill Robot. PowerMill CAM software provides milling solutions for high-speed and 5-axis machining, industry st