Dynamo Developer Resources

We are happy to announce a new resource for Dynamo developers that will help you extend Dynamo. This guide will show you all in one document how to build Dynamo from source, develop your own nodes/packages/extensions, test your work, and how to contribute to Dynamo Core. The new Dynamo Developer Resources can be found at developer.dynamobim.org.

Updating Packages for Dynamo 2.0

As a part of creating this new resource, we have also included instructions on how you can upgrade your 1.x nodes to 2.0. Similarly, you can also see the Update Packages from 1.3 to 2.0 wiki page on the Dynamo Github repo. Dynamo 2.0 is a major release and some APIs have been changed or removed which may require package authors to update existing packages. One of the largest changes that will effect node and package authors is our move to a JSON file format.

In general Zero Touch node authors will have little to no work to do to get their packages running in 2.0.

UI nodes and nodes that derive directly from NodeModel will take more work to get running in 2.x.

Extension authors may also have some potential changes to make – depending on how much of the Dynamo core APIs they use in their extensions.

If you maintain any Dynamo extensions the API changes document it might be useful to check if any APIs you use have changed.