By: Dynamo Team

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Resuming pre-release builds

Dear Early Adopters, We have resumed posting pre-release builds of Dynamo on and on the pages. These are the early stage builds that are leading to the Dynamo 2.0 release. Please keep in mind that it is early days for these builds, there are still a number of large moving pieces and, as always, this area sho

Dynamo European Tour, Sept 2017

We are getting ready for a bit of a Dynamo roadshow!  If you are in Europe during September, be sure to stop by some of these events   The Events   Paris Dynamo User Group - Workshop Sept 15th / 09:00 -18:00 / ENSA (Versailles / France) Language : French & English Program / Registration:

What’re they building in there?

We are doing some summer cleanup on the DynamoDS Github issues list.  Over the next few weeks, you will see some shuffling around of the status of bugs and improvements, and we wanted to talk a little about why this is happening.   Dynamo has seen amazing growth over the last few years. The technology has progressed in major milest