By: Nathan Miller

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Slingshot! for Dynamo

Hello Dynamo community, I have begun the process of porting another one of my open source Grasshopper plug-ins over to Dynamo.  Slingshot! for Dynamo features a growing collection of nodes for utilizing relational database management systems.  Slingshot! currently features nodes for connecting to MySQL and SQLite databases.  There are also a few

LunchBox for Dynamo

The first version of the LunchBox package is available!  The node list will be growing in the coming weeks leading up to AU 2013.   More information here:  LunchBox for Dynamo @ The Proving Ground Note:  If you were a fan of the XYZ Cells by Face package, those nodes will now be available through LunchBox.  The previous package is now retire

Dynamo Autumn Workshop Recap

Hello Dynamo & Vasari Community, I have been running a series of workshops for Dynamo for a number of our clients and for Facades+. Check out this blog post to see what we've been doing with this tool! Visit The Proving Ground for the Dynamo Workshop Recap... -Nate

XYZ Cells by Face

I have created two custom nodes for creating XYZ cell grids on a surface face. XYZ Triangle Grid by Face XYZ Quadrangular Grid by Face These are available as a Dynamo package.  More to come... :) -Nate