We are continuing to develop Project Refinery, a beta tool for optioneering and optimization of Dynamo graphs. Join the beta here. This release brings great enhancements around filtering in both the parallel coordinates and scatter plot views. Filtering allows you to explore options created in a study much more easily by focusing in on certain clusters of the results. In the example above we are looking at a stadium design and balancing the amount of seating area with the view quality. After optimizing for these goals you can then filter the scatter plot view to hone in on different sections of the results – in this case looking at “middle of the pack” options that have both the most seating area with the best views. The new version also includes the following enhancements:

  • Up to 2x faster
  • Stability enhancements
  • Ignored optimization outputs now show up in the exploration UI as data points (but don’t affect an optimization)
  • Filtering for Scatter Plot and Parallel Coordinates
  • Better legibility for parallel coordinates titles
  • Frozen nodes are now respected when performing runs
  • Geometry view improvements

Please join the beta and let us know your thoughts!