We have been making some big changes based on your feedback and are excited to show you what’s new.  For this release of the Refinery beta, the team has focused on improvements for Revit and Dynamo generative design script definition workflows, as well as improvements to the explore UI.  The tools are now located in a “Generative Design” panel on the Manage tab in the Revit Preview Release and “Generative Design” menu in Dynamo. As always keep in touch and send feedback!

For Revit Designers:

Refinery for Revit add-in available for Revit Preview Release (only)

  • Select Revit elements for use in a study
  • Create Revit elements from a generated outcome
  • Create Study and Explore Outcomes buttons on Generative Design panel on the Manage tab
  • New Sample content

For Dynamo script writers:

Refinery for Dynamo for Revit available for Revit 2018 through the Revit Preview Release

  • Ability to add images and descriptions to exported files with their Package dependencies
  • Access Refinery tools from the renamed “Generative Design” menu in Dynamo
  • New “Gate” nodes for creating Revit elements via Refinery
  • New Room selection node for better Revit Room selection

For scripters and designers:

  • User-specified study names
  • Study cards view with date, time and name information
  • New sample content
  • In-product user feedback
  • Browse a detailed view of a single outcome to fully understand that outcome at a glance
  • Navigate through design options via “Previous” and “Next” buttons
  • Collapsible study list
  • Chart filtering enhancements

New Generative Design Documentation for all:



Bug fixes for all:

  • Refinery now returns results when the Documents folder has been redirected (e.g. backed up by OneDrive)
  • Having a different name inside the Dynamo file than the name on disk will no longer crash Refinery

Download Refinery 0.62.0

As always, please let us know what you think!

– The Refinery Team