We have launched a new and improved Dynamo Forum!

Please make yourself at home and feel free to ask/answer questions about Dynamo.  The Dynamo discussion has been lively and exciting, but has been burdened by a clunky interface, search, and notification system. We hope that those days are behind us with this new site. What you can expect on this forum:

  • Discussion by and for designers, architects, engineers, artists, programmers, and other folks interested in making computational stuff.
  • A friendly environment to ask questions and find answers about all things Dynamo. There are no stupid questions, we all have something to learn and something to contribute.
  • Tools for identifying the best answers to open questions.
  • Methods to reliably receive updates to posts you are interested in.
  • Pointers to resources on computational design, parametric workflows, and new ways of thinking about design.

This site is powered by Discourse, an open source system that’s a happy medium between a more developer oriented Stack Overflow Q&A system and a more conversational discussion board. To understand more about the features, check out this page.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope you make this site a regular part of your day.
The Dynamo Team

A couple things to note for folks who were invested in the old forum:
– You may need to add some information back to your profile. Not all of the data fields in the old Forum had counterparts in the new one. If you want to provide more than 1 link on your profile, add it to the “About Me” section.
– For the moment, you may need to log in separately to the main DynamoBIM site and the Forum, as the authentication tools are slightly different.
– Tag information on older posts were now able to be migrated, so tags like “Python” or “Revit” have been stripped out. This data can be added to new posts