Hello Dynamites!

We have some exciting news! Have you ever wanted to extend Dynamo to solve new and interesting problems? Are you interested in Generative Design workflows? Have you always wanted to use Dynamo to create and evaluate more design options? Our team wants to empower you to generate more design options, create better tools that solve complex solutions, and spend less effort and time doing repetitive tasks.

The Dynamo + Refinery team is coming to London on April 4th-6th to throw a hackathon with the amazingly talented crew at the UK Dynamo User Group! As our community grows, we want to continue supporting the extension of Dynamo beyond its core capabilities and open up the exploration of new Generative Design workflows.

The hackathon activities will start on the afternoon of April 4th with a free half day advanced training session offered by Enstoa and some of the members of the Dynamo + Refinery team. On April 5th and 6th, small teams will work together to explore solutions that will allow us to do more, better, with less negative impact on the world.

If this sounds like fun to you, send in your ideas with your application today. We only have a limited number of slots, so don’t delay! We are taking applications until March 18th.

For more info on the hackathon and to apply, please visit: http://www.ukdug.co.uk/dynamo-hackathon-april.html

See you there!