Hello Dynamo people,

As of today we have updated the Introductory Videos for the Dynamo Learn page to reflect the Dynamo 2.0 changes! No longer will legacy nodes or outdated workflows throw you off. These beginner focused video will take you through the basics of Dynamo as a complimentary resource to the Dynamo Primer: Starting with the bare basics and working through lists and data management, computational logic and up into code blocks and custom nodes. Come and enjoy the hard work of the talented John Pierson as he both demonstrates and narrates an extended set of videos designed to get you off the ground.


So what has been updated?

  • Videos updated to the 2.0 environment: New library, new nodes, new format
  • Extended video content (1 hour, 15 minutes becomes a whopping 2 hours, 35 minutes!)
  • Addition of dictionaries use in Custom Node video
  • Modernized the approach to problem solving


The legacy Advanced Videos will remain on the Learn page and within the Dynamo 1.0 environment. They are caveated and will be left up for the curious, the adventurous and those still enjoying Dynamo 1.X.


With great thanks to John Pierson of Parallax Team who was commissioned to update the Introductory Learning Videos to reflect the Dynamo 2.0. revisions.