Having developed in the Revit API for several years now and hearing a lot recently about Dynamo (like at last year’s AU), I thought I’d take an opportunity to dive into it. For some time I was involved in creating tutorials for users of Digital Project so I thought I would return to an example from that world.

A friend who was here at Gehry Technologies developed one example that gave users new to parametric modeling a good taste for the basics. I thought, “What a good opportunity to replicate this example in Dynamo.” It comes from a bridge designed by WilkinsEyre Architects for the Royal Ballet School in London. If you are interested the original Floral Street tutorial in Digital Project it is located at the GTWiki here.

The video below includes the creation of a couple Adaptive Revit families representing both the frame and the infill material between each frame. Then I added to one of the examples provided in the Dynamo install for placing Revit Adaptive Families. All in all, it was a good exercise in understanding the potential of Dynamo and how workflows may differ from coding in the Revit API.

Here are the files from the video above: