A few months ago, we held a Dynamo Extensions workshop in London at Grimshaw Architects which was attended by over 20 customers who all had an interest in extending Dynamo beyond its out of the box capabilities. During the workshop, the Dynamo team taught extension basics and worked with the attendees to help them build their first ever Dynamo extensions!

Extensions are a powerful development tool in the Dynamo ecosystem that can help you extend Dynamo.  They allow for developers to drive custom functionality based on Dynamo interactions and logic. Extensions can be broken down into two main categories, extensions and view extensions.  As the naming implies, the view extension framework allows you to extend the Dynamo UI by registering custom menu items. Regular extensions operate in a very similar fashion minus the UI. Below is an example view extension that we have in the DynamoDS/DynamoSamples Github repo.

If that sounds interesting to you and you want to learn more on how to use extensions in your own work, we have now made available the video recording of the workshop and the slides we used throughout the day. Links to both of these can be found on the Learn Page of dynamobim.org.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Special thanks to Radu Gidei at Grimshaw for hosting the event for the day. We enjoyed building stuff together!