With the release of Dynamo v1.1, we are also happy to announce an update to the Dynamo Primer! We have added more documentation about custom nodes and other new features like the Dynamo Web Experience. Additionally, the Primer is now offered in 3 languages: English, Japanese, and German.

Below is what has been updated in the Primer for v1.0:

          Updated 2.3 Workspace page to feature Zoom to Recenter functionality

          Updated Custom Node section by adding more content about adding custom comments, specifically the ability to add them to custom node outputs

          Added new section on the Dynamo Web Experience – Send to Web, Customizer View, and Managing Workspaces on Web

          Added localization of the Dynamo Primer for v0.9 for Japanese and German. Users can switch languages from the top menu bar.

Please note that the English version is one update ahead of the localized versions. Japanese and German versions were localized with content for Dynamo v0.9.0.

Thanks to ModeLab and the Autodesk localization team for the great effort and helping put together this update!