Hello world of international Dynamo Users,

Do you have colleagues, industry peers or friends who want to get into Dynamo but lack a deep knowledge of the English language that would facilitate them learning the technical aspects of Dynamo? Would they be more comfortable exploring the use of Dynamo in their own language? Then today may be that day as we have just added nine new languages to the Dynamo Primer!

The Dynamo Primer has been accessible in English, German, Japanese and Taiwanese for quite a while now, but felt it was high time to improve the Dynamo experience for users who either have English as a second language, or don’t know any English at all.

Supported languages

The Dynamo primer will now parallel all of the supported languages of Revit and are listed out as follows:

  • English [en]
  • German [de]
  • Japanese [ja]
  • Traditional Chinese [zh-tw] 
  • Czech [cs]
  • Spanish (Spain) [es]
  • French [fr]
  • Italian [it]
  • Korean [ko]
  • Polish [pl]
  • Brazilian Portuguese [pt-br]
  • Russian (ru)
  • Simplified Chinese [zh-cn]

How to choose a different language in the Dynamo Primer

Location of the languages dropdown on the Dynamo Primer

Choosing an alternative language is pretty easy! All you need to do is navigate to the Dynamo Primer website or append the language suffix to the domain name, i.e https://primer.dynamobim.org/de/

So please pass this on to your friends, colleagues and workmates and we are excited to see them come on this Dynamo journey with us!



The Dynamo Team