Kia ora people,

The Dynamo 2.2 release is a smaller release, which targeted some interoperability fixes for other platforms that host Dynamo, but still contains a few fun features of note, bug fixes and user enhancements!


New Features

Dynamo will now save the Render Precision preference between sessions, have a more appropriate Image Capture default name and has substantial improvements to the performance around loading Element Binding Data between 2-10x faster depending on how many elements are created!

Note: Element Binding, also referred to as Session Trace Data, is where Dynamo understands what elements (Such as families in Revit or lines in Civil 3D) are to be modified with that particular Dynamo script and saves that into the Dynamo file so that when you open up that same script it will re-run on those elements without you having to pick them again.


Image capture default name

You can also now set your Python template at start-up via the API (For those Extension builders amongst you), we’ve started delivering debug symbols of DynamoCore (Which simply means human readable stuff) and we have unified the parsing of identifier names by no longer supporting spaces in new custom node inputs (This means Dynamo will work better!).

We have also improved the autocomplete feature of the Python IDE with a special thanks to Dimitar Venkov for all his hard work in getting this off the ground – in these improvements we have added in the sys module by default, addressed instabilities with large scripts, revised the current auto-complete to avoid exceptions and improved type guessing/intellisense to help you code at speed!

Python IDE autocomplete improvements


Dynamo Core 2.2 is currently only available in Dynamo Sandbox and will become available in the near future within our host applications. To get Dynamo Sandbox please visit and download

For more information on what Dynamo Sandbox is, please visit this post describing it in detail.

Release Notes

We’ve also completed a range of bug fixes and for more detailed information on all the changes listed above please check out our release notes.

A big shout-out to everyone who contributed to the release and the entire Dynamo community for continuing to support our work. As always, please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.


The Dynamo Team