Autodesk Dynamo Studio’s “Send to Web”, “Manage Web Workspaces”, and Customizer functionality will be discontinued in 2019. The team at Autodesk is making changes to simplify our portfolio and workflows for people who make Dynamo scripts. As a result, we will be consolidating some of our web services that use Dynamo functionality.

Please note, this does NOT affect the Dynamo Package Manager, Dynamo Forum,, Dictionary.dynamobim.comDynamo Primer, or anything else releated to Autodesk Dynamo Studio.

If you have used or rely on the functionality, please make sure to take the following steps as soon as possible.


Customizer will be closing by January 21st. The “Send to Web” and “Manage Web Workspaces” functionality in Dynamo Studio will no longer publish or maintain online content, and existing content stored online will be removed.

Until the shutdown date, all Customizer pages will have a banner indicating that the service will be discontinued


Please download and save any content or models you have uploaded to It is important that you do this by January 21st.

Project Fractal uses a related web service infrastructure and is also being shut down, shifting the option generation functionality to use desktop resources.  Please read more about Fractal changes here.

Autodesk FormIt is also affected by these changes, and will transition to a new desktop-based Dynamo experience in a future update. Learn more about these changes here.


We are here if you have any questions, please visit the comment on the Forum discussion here, or send us a note if you have questions

The Autodesk Dynamo Studio Team