Did you miss Autodesk University Las Vegas 2017 last year and the pre-conference Computational BIM workshops? Was it perhaps too far to travel across the vast Atlantic ocean? Timing just didn’t work? Well never fear, the UK Dynamo User Group (UKDynUG), in conjunction with Designtech.io and Innovating Futures, are putting on a redux version: If you missed the workshops, this is your chance to participate!

A Beginner Dynamo Workshop and Intermediate Dynamo Workshop will be held on Monday 18th June at Etc Venues, Norton Folgate, Liverpool St. – a short travel to the AU London conference. Commencing the day before AU London, this is the perfect opportunity to whet your appetite with computational logic or hone an existing skill set for anyone attending AU London to get an additional day of learning and networking completely focused upon Dynamo.

This is a two part event :

  • The morning and early afternoon will hold the hands-on learning workshops, using content from the AU Las Vegas 2017 Computational BIM day. There are two parallel streams for beginners and intermediate users.
  • In the afternoon, there will be an extended UK Dynamo User Group (UKDYNUG) event which will contain case studies, break-out sessions and inspirational presentations on where Dynamo is, what it can do, how it is used and where it may be going.

Dynamo Workshops


In the Beginner Workshop, you can learn the basics of node-wire diagramming in Dynamo. This workshop will be perfect for you if you have never opened up Dynamo before and want to explore the world of visual programming.

The following topics are covered:

  • Welcome
  • Getting Started (Dynamo Player)
  • Hello World! (Dynamo Basics, Nodes, Wires, Library, Dynamo Version, Revit Version)
  • Code, Logic, Pseudo Code, Programming and Program Execution
  • Placing an Element in Revit (Basic Selection, Errors, Ranges, Lists, Lacing)
  • Into Revit (Working within Revit hierarchy, System vs. Component Families)
  • Placing Loadable Families (Array of Points, introducing logic, using a package node)


For the Intermediate Workshop, learn skills and tools to take your Dynamo scripts beyond the basics. If you have created a functioning script before, then this workshop could be for you.

The following topics are covered:

  • Custom Package Creation
  • Advanced List Manipulation Techniques
  • Data Visualization Techniques
  • Animation Strategies in Dynamo
  • Iterative, Generative, Optioneering with Project Fractal

Workshops info

The hands-on workshops will be led by world-class Dynamo experts such as Sol Amour, John Pierson, Mark Thorley, Mike Turpin and assisted by the UK Dynamo User Group committee members Michael Hudson, Radu Gidei, Kevin Fielding, Rob Clark.

*NOTE: Both workshops are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). We will not be providing and computers or software and so it is a requirement that you can bring your own computer device loaded with Revit and Dynamo 1.3.

UKDynUG Presentations

More than 5 presenters showing you a diverse and interesting mix of Dynamo case studies to inform and inspire. As per most UKDYNUG sessions, this will be followed by breakouts and discussions with the Dynamo community.

More details and final agenda to be added shortly but there we can already confirm there will be :

  • Premiere of never-before-seen platforms
  • Out of the box applications of Dynamo
  • Food & drinks

This is a user group event not to be missed !


Ticket purchase, agenda and further details are located at the Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/au-london-ukdynug-dynamo-day-tickets-45980853972


Q: How beginner is the Beginner Workshop?

A: This workshop will assume you’ve never opened up Dynamo before.

Q: What do you mean by intermediate for the Intermediate Workshop?

A: If you have created a functioning script then this workshop is for you. If you’ve created custom nodes or dabble in a scripting language then you’ll probably want to skip this one.

Q: Do you offer anything for Advanced Users? I’m too awesome for either.

A: The afternoon session will comprise of an extended UKDynUG session that make pique your interest.