From the flurry of tweets, many of you just submitted your proposals for AU 2018 Las Vegas! And, we are happy to announce that now you have a few more opportunities to contribute to the festivities this year. As some of you may know, every year the Dynamo team hosts a series of pre-conference workshops and a forum the day before AU starts. These have been great ways for us to facilitate learning, inspire ideas, and most importantly build our computational design community.  We are excited about the workshops and forum we are putting together, because we are going to do things a little different this year by asking for more participation from the community than ever before. 

Along with the beginner workshop, this year we will be offering the Computational BIM Workshop – Developer and the Computational BIM Forum. So, what makes this year special? Well, we are doing an open call for proposals to help us run the Developer Workshop and/or speak at the Forum! This means you can submit your ideas and have the opportunity to share your work and experiences with the largest gathering of Dynamo users in the world. So, a few more specifics: 

Computational BIM Workshop – Developer  

What is it? 

The Developer Workshop is a chance for community members to push the envelope of what is possible with Dynamo.  It will be held the day before the start of AU on Monday, November 12th, 2018. Rather than a traditional lab or lecture, the workshop will be composed of focused breakout sessions.  These sessions will be a mix of hands-on learning and discussion lasting for approximately 5 hours with 15 to 25 participants.  

Who are we looking for, where do you come in? 

We need breakout session leaders who have experience extending Dynamo through its API.  We are looking for Dynamo developers who want to share their work, collaborate on ideas, and/or get feedback from other Dynamo community members.  

This year we are focused on the topic of “Extensions”. Rather than adding functionality with new nodes, Extensions are a development tool that allows you to change the whole Dynamo environment. Extensions can do things like access menus, views, the way nodes display, collect usage analytics, and so on.  

As a breakout leader, you should be prepared to share your extension work and provide attendees with hands-on training on how to build a Dynamo extension. How that happens during the session is entirely up to you! Be creative, maybe you want to get feedback on your extension, maybe you want to work with others to help you add more functionality to your extension, whatever it is we would love to hear your ideas! Breakout sessions are intended to foster discussion and exchange ideas and should not be lecture-style presentations, but focus on community building and communal knowledge creation. After your session, you will also get a chance to take the mainstage and give a 4-minute presentation of your session work at the Computational BIM Forum.  

How can you submit a Developer Workshop proposal? 

If this sounds up your alley, please send your proposal to by 11:59PM June 29th with the subject “AU2018 Developer Workshop Proposal and provide the following: 

  1. Name(s). You can submit as a team, but one person should be chosen as the leader 
  2. Presenter Background(s).  Provide details on your current job and experience with Dynamo. 
  3. Email. Provide best email contact for presenter(s) 
  4. Breakout Session Idea. In a single paragraph, state what your extension is and what you plan to show/teach/share during your session 
  5. Learning ObjectivesState what attendees will learn from your session. 
  6. GoalsState why you want to lead a breakout session. 
  7. Additional Materials.   Attach any supporting images, videos, or presentations as necessary. 

What if I just want to come and learn? 

When registration for Autodesk University is open, look for the Computational BIM Workshop – Developer.  Registration for the pre-conference will be $300.  Keep in mind that attendees will also be expected to have a working knowledge of how to use a .Net development environment and have a fairly advanced knowledge of Dynamo.  Or if you are around on Monday afternoon at 3:30pm and just want to come to the Forum, you can also attend just the Forum free.  Please register for the Computational BIM Forum when AU registration opens in August. 

Computational BIM Forum 

Are you passionate about how computational workflows and new technologies can solve important problems in the AEC industry?  Workshop participants at AU 2018 will spend a whole day learning the basics of Dynamo or learning how to extend Dynamo, what more can we do with this technology and where is it going next?  What will it enable for the AEC industry in the future?  At the end of the workshops, we will bring the Beginner and Developer Workshops together for a Forum where our audience of 300 plus other early AU arrivals will hear about the Extensions Workshop plus 4 other inspiring talks by AEC leaders.  This is the 5th year of the Computational BIM Forum.  You can learn about last year’s forum here.   For this year’s event, we are recruiting 4 speakers from Architecture, Engineering and Construction to talk about how they are extending their computational workflows, what problems they are trying to solve and how they think workflows that leverage computational methods will help them do more while making less negative impact on the earth.  How can you use new technologies for real work and real savings? 

How can you submit a Forum proposal? 

Please send your proposal to by 11:59PM June 29th with the subject “AU2018 Computational BIForum Proposal and provide the following: 

  1. Presenter name and title 
  2. Presenter background.  Provide details on your current job and experience with Dynamo. 
  3. Talk title 
  4. Talk descriptionPlease provide a summary of your talk idea that we can use to advertise the event.  Include rational as to why your talk is important for solving important problems in thAEC industry. 
  5. Additional materials: Links to images, videos, or other presentations explaining your proposal. 


  • Submit your proposal by June 29th, 2018 11:59PM EST 
  • Make sure you are available in person to attend AU Las Vegas on Monday, November 12th, 2018  
  • After the deadline, we will be reviewing all the proposals and selecting 4-5 workshop leaders plus 4 speakers to present at AU 
  • We will be recording all Forum presentations and posting the recordings on the AU websites 
  • Breakout session leaders and Forum presenters can have their AU 2018 registration comped