The outbreak is spreading. I wrote a post a few weeks ago that featured the then four Dynamo User Groups that I knew of. Now suddenly there are a lot more, and there is probably one near you.

If you have had trouble keeping track of what is going on where, you are not alone. In this post, I mean to collect a lot of information about these communities of practice around the globe, both those forming and those formed, that are focused on Dynamo and computational design. This stuff is hot!


singapore_group CPHDUG_group


As I said before, I marvel at how differently each group was formed, how each has developed its own character, and how fast the global community is growing. As a longtime Dynamo user (and member of the development team), I admit that it is also tremendously fulfilling to see that our work is helping to make people’s lives better.

So here’s what’s up. (And where’s the next one?!)

The Groups (so far…)


cities_Atlanta Atlanta Dynamo User Group



cities_Boston Dynamo-litia Boston



cities_Catalonia Grup d’Usuaris Dynamo de Catalunya



cities_Chicago Chicago



cities_Copenhagen Dynamo User Group CoPenHagen



cities_Ireland Dynamo Users Ireland



cities_LA Dynamo & API Revit Users Group – SoCal (Los Angeles)



cities_Netherlands Dutch Dynamo User Group



Madrid Dynamo Group


Design Technology Orlando


Dynamo User Group – Philadelphia


cities_SF San Francisco Dynamo User Group (SFDUG)



cities_Seattle Dynamo User Group of Seattle



cities_Shanghai Dynamo Shanghai User Group



cities_Singapore Dynamo User Group – Singapore



cities_Sydney Sydney Computational Design Group



cities_Taipei Dynamo Design (Taiwan)



cities_Tokyo Dynamo Hands-On Tokyo



Toronto Dynamo User Group


cities_UK-North UK Dynamo User Group North



cities_UK-South UK Dynamo User Group South



cities_Washington DynamoDC



Other Communities

Dynamo, like Autodesk Revit, has been localized to 12 languages in addition to English (blog post here). And there are some language-specific Dynamo communities too.

Chinese Language

  • The Dynamo User Group – Taiwan, with some Mandarin content and is the official Dynamo group run by Autodesk Taiwan and Taiwan BIM Association

French Language

  • The Paris Revit User Group, which features Dynamo content at every meeting, and where Dynamo resources en français are starting to be collected.

German Language

Japanese Language

Russian Language


Finally, no list of user groups would be complete without:


image5 The Bad Monkeys. They’re an infamous group of early adopters and power-users. They’re an exclusive, invitation-only bunch, at least one of whom has more likely than not answered your question on the forum. And they have a logo. (More here.)